Monday, October 27, 2008

August of 2008 myself and Justin Franz headed west to New York State and did some photography. We departed Sunday crashing in Pittsfield Mass for a half day shoot on the CSX Boston Line. We spent 3 hours with nothing, then the flood gates opened and we bagged 4 frieghts in 3 hours. The catch of the day was a former Conrail units on Westbound Autorack Train Q283 at Muddy Pond. Our day was cut short on the Boston Line as a powerful line of thunderstorms rolled in. We pulled the plug and headed to Selkirk and points west and salvaged a afternoon in rain on the Mohawk Sub yielding many decent catches also.
The following day was spent on the Mohawk line again. The morning was cloudy but the afternoon found bright skies and decent shots. We saw over 30 trains and bagged a few nightshots also.
The following day was spent on the Battenkill Railroad. A trip at first I wasn't all excited about, but soon into the chase this went completely the opposite. We nailed several shots including some interesting shots. Our trip was great and it was a half day spent. The remainder of the day was spent on the Boston line just east of Pittsfield which yielded some decent shots.
Our trip was cut sort a day early by the high cost of motel rooms and not so good forecast on the weather. We headed home based also in part to a possible visit with my daughter for the first time in 3 months. This visit did happen.

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