Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring 2011 Update.

Greetings Friends.

Its been a hectic year to say the least but things finally are slowing down a little bit. Good for life, not so good for the wallet.

I plan (said this last year too I know) is to get this updated with some photo's and trip reports. Its been something I have wanted to get going again on.

I am training once again for the 2011 National EMS Memorial Bike Ride, this years ride is from Boston to Alexandria Virginia. It begins on May 14th and ends on the 20th. Our closing ceremony is held on the 21st and I am honored to be speaking that evening.

This year thou has been a hard one raising funds for the ride and has created alot of stress. I have come close to completely pulling the plug on the ride, but instead I plan to ride but may have to cut back to a few days towards the end. Time will tell.

Thats were you come in, please help me make this event possible. Think of it this way, donate 5 bucks to my cause is like buying me lunch one day out of the year at subway.

Please help me.
Sincerly, Isaac "Skippy" Greenlaw

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